Minor Oral Surgery

PDS has a dedicated and specialist Minor Oral Surgery service whereby it is able to carry out minor oral surgery within the Practice.

The advantage of using the PDS MOS Service is that a patient can have their treatment carried out in the comfort of a dental practice rather than being referred to hospital. Additionally, the waiting times for any treatment are substantially lower and we are able to arrange to see a patient within a week or two.

All minor oral surgery procedures are carried out under local aesthetic where the patient is given an injection into the gum, yet remains wide awake. Whilst most patients find the thought of the procedure worse than the procedure itself, we have highly trained staff to support them through the process.

Where a patient is particularly nervous then we are able to offer sedation with a local anaesthetic.

View treatment pricingFollowing treatment, we have an adjoining recovery room where patients may lay down in a quiet and relaxing environment prior to leaving the Practice.

If you are a patient at PDS please discuss this service with your dentist. If you are a patient at another dental practice then you should in the first instance speak with your own dentist or are a dentist who would like to refer a patient to us under this scheme, please do not hesitate to contact us or refer your patient directly using the form in the section under referrals.